Art and Design Inspiration on Student Tours to Edinburgh

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For Art and Design candidates, student tours are a great way to see how their subject lives and breathes outside the classroom or studio. They can demonstrate how art plays an important role in the cultural life of a city, and how contemporary artists draw on what's come before. Edinburgh, with its status as a top cultural destination - evidenced by its theatre, film, book and art festivals - is one of the best places to experience art as a part of society and life. Simply walking through its streets or enjoying a night out can educate and inspire, and there are plenty of Art and Design specific attractions on top of that. Here's a taste of what your classes could be discovering on student tours to Edinburgh.

National Galleries

With a collection so comprehensive it spans three sites, the National Galleries of Scotland are a delight to explore. They are sure to contain something to suit every taste and enhance any curriculum focus. Those on student tours can visit the National, the Modern, and/or the Portrait Galleries, depending on their areas of interest. They will discover a diverse array of art within each one. For example, the National Gallery - located in the heart of the city - contains collections covering the history of Scottish art as well as a treasure trove of paintings from masters such as Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh and Gauguin. There is also a rotating series of special exhibitions. The galleries offer education-oriented guided tours and workshops with artists and art historians - bound to provide an inspirational experience for your students.

Contemporary Galleries

In a city bursting with creativity, it's no wonder that you can find art galleries at almost every turn, catering to every aesthetic. Some time spent visiting a few of Edinburgh's contemporary galleries can provide student tours with a great contrast to the masterworks of older eras on display in the National Gallery. It would be impossible to list all of them, but here are a few: the Fruitmarket, which features many of Scotland's most interesting established and up-and-coming modern artists; Axlotl, where the art tends towards the edgy; the Embassy, which showcases work from the grassroots art community; and the Edinburgh College of Art, which gives students the chance to see what other aspiring artists are producing.

Edinburgh Castle

Art and Design student tours are often made more complete by an opportunity for pupils to get their own creativity flowing in an exciting location - and where could be better than dramatic Edinburgh Castle? Built over the centuries on a Bronze Age site, and still officially in use as a military fortress, it's an inspiring setting in which to draw or paint. Whether students are looking at landscape and perspective, buildings, or close-up detail and textures, the castle's impressive architecture and the views it commands of the city make it the perfect place for putting technique into practice.

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